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Two thirds of respondents to a survey said they would put this money into marketing in order to increase sales for their business.      
Is that what you would do?  The real question is why is your present marketing program not producing the results you want already.  
Do you really believe that throwing more money at it will definitely increase sales?  Refer to the definition of being crazy: doing the
same things over and over again expecting different results.  So, if you are going invest in your marketing plan, start at the beginning
and ask yourself: "Is my marketing message the right one?"  Or, is your product / service just the best, biggest, largest, newest, etc.  
Continue with the other steps that will increase your sales for sure.  But first, let's find $250,000 in your business right now.

Allow XL Group to discuss your business with you and demonstrate proven marketing ways to increase sales, profits, value by
$250,000 or more in a free, no obligation business review.  You decide whether to pursue the remodeling of the business through:

CONSULTING: your improvement project is implemented by us
COACHING: your improvement project is implemented through our guidance
INTERNATIONAL expansion: we sell / distribute your products or services on the global market
INTERIM ACCOUNTING / BOOKKEEPING and TUTORING: your business can continue with our temporary accountant / bookkeepers.

Once you will uncover this new resource, how will you put it to best use?  
Create a better marketing message?  Get more leads?  Put more sales points out on the market place?  Add a new product /
service?  Do you really know your customers?  Do you really know your business?  Let's review it together with the goal to give you a
great return on investment.

But most of all, the relationship is built on trust and teamwork.  Any work is based on positive changes according to a detailed project
plan signed off by you.  Once it is completed, you are encouraged to continue a maintenance project on a monthly or quarterly basis.

How do you know that you are running an efficient and profitable business?  Are your sales increasing?  Are you growing your
customer base?  Where do you get your leads from? How good is your marketing message?  Does it stop prospects in their tracks?  
Or are you just the best?  How close are actuals to budgeted numbers?  How many holes do you have in your operations bucket?  
How many fires do you put out?  When is the last time you had your business analyzed?  
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