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Small and medium size manufacturers must start looking at the export
market for survival like the European companies did 50 years ago.  The
US ranks No. 41 in the world in exports per capita.  This number must get
better for the US to maintain its global economic leadership.

For small and medium size enterprises, XL Group offers overseas or

international distribution
operations. We service clients in industries that
include utilities, communications, retail, manufacturing, health care,  high-
tech, hospitality, professional services.

"International markets are just there for the taking."   However, experts and
neophytes alike agree that doing business internationally is not the same
as doing business domestically.  Everything is different:  language,
measurements, voltage, relationships, temperature readings,
keyboards, currency, letter stock size, employment laws,
holidays and
regulatory affairs.  Letters of Credits, Shipping Export Declarations,
Harmonized Codes, FCIA, VAT tax and customs duties are not terms used
in domestic business.  Entering an international market without in depth
research could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In the end, your
excuse should not be something like: "The European market is not ready
for us!" because you did not do your homework.

XL Group has over 20 years experience in international business.  
Thorough knowledge of the cultures and customs have been part of XL
Group since 1984.  They have built the solid foundation for strong
relationships needed to be successful internationally with unquestionable
value.   XL Group has established an international presence for many US
small and medium size companies in three ways:

 Through distribution channels and sales representation
 Through shelter operations
 Setting up a physical plant

1) Distribution Channels

We partner with importer / wholesalers and / or distributors to effectively
resell your product to the end-user, creating a presence for your products
on a geographically complete scale.  XL Group will locate ideal partners
for your product much quicker than you could and taking on all the travel
expenses.  We will work as your marketing extension on an ongoing basis
in the local language to promote your products and create long term
distribution channels.  XL Group meets in person with its
dealers to establish the ever important loyalty relationship.

2) Shelter Operations

Setup a fiscal representative to import your products, manage your stock,
distribute your orders and do the VAT tax administration to get your orders
to your customer in a minimum of time (2 or 3 days) compared to up to six
weeks when shipped directly from the US.

3) Physical Plant

XL Group will guide you to choose the perfect location for your site taking
many factors into consideration: payroll costs, taxes, labor pool education,
easy access to ocean, land or air routes, laws and regulations

Whether you interest lies in export or import, talk to  XL Group before
making any decision to spend money on your international efforts.
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Some of the products we have brought onto the European market:
Automobile Accessories   
Blood Pressure Cuffs                
Color Coded Control Syringes
Neuro Introducers                      
Hypothermia Blankets
Specialty Bandages
Fertilizers (Organic)
Industrial Anti-Pollution Equipment   
Epidural Syringes                    
Pressure Infuser Sleeves
Heat/Cold Therapy Packs
Surgical Blades and Knives
Animal Feed
Designer Iron Furniture